Planning Your Trip across Peru?

Our guide is the perfect travel companion, full of inspiration and ready to help you plan your Peru trip from A to Z.


Be inspired by our route recommendations and insider tips from Peruvian locals. Begin your journey in one of the most fascinating countries in Latin America!

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More Than Just a Travel Guide

ALL ACROSS PERU your individual travel guide for travel preparation, route planning and for on the road.


Our travel guide is a manual for an unforgettable journey, a collection of personal experiences, exciting insider tips, and cumulative knowledge from more than 7 years living, travelling, and working in Peru. A classic guide would never be read in one go. It was important to us to design ALL ACROSS PERU so that you can „devour“ our travel guide in a few days and easily digest all the important information.


We are an independent guide and write in a relaxed and honest tone. We do all of this to make you love Peru as much as we do, just like so many other travellers who have already ALL ACROSS PERU!


Take a step closer to Peru and to your journey today, and be inspired by the many colourful photos inside the book!

What You Can Expect

ALL ACROSS PERU is not an ordinary travel guide, but a „true guide“ that informs, inspires, and entertains you. Everything you need for your trip to Peru can be found in our guidebook, either as a paperback or in a bundled digital format.

Detailed Travel Planning

A trip to Peru is not a beach holiday. We'll take you through key planning stages in our step-by-step instructions.

The Best Route Recommendations

We'll show you the best routes and their highlights, tell you what to look out for, and how to get from A to B.

City Guides to the Most Beautiful Cities

You will find the best sights, attractions, accommodation, restaurant, and bar tips, as well as useful information in our city guides.

Insider Tips from Locals & Expats

Who could bring Peru closer to you than the locals themselves? In every city guide, you will find locals & expats who share their insider tips with you.

Inspiring Introduction to the Country

Diversity has a name: Peru! Learn more about geography, people, animals, plants, culture, language, festivals, culinary art, and more, just like we got to know it!

Helpful Checklists

In addition to a special Peru packing list to check off, there is a printable Peru map that will help you plan your itinerary.

Culinary Catalogue

Get to know Peru at its most delicious! Our culinary catalogue shows you exactly what to expect in restaurants and helps you to choose between the numerous dishes of Peruvian gastronomy!

Facebook Community

Get access to the exclusive ALL ACROSS PERU Facebook community. Here we give each other valuable tips, answer questions, and conjure up visions about our travel plans to Peru.

What others say

Peru was my first contact with South America more than 10 years ago. Only for a week. Far too short, but enough to fascinate me so much that a few years later, I would spend a whole sabbatical in South America. With their gorgeous photos, valuable travel tips, and personal impressions, Anne and Nora manage to get you really excited about Peru. It’s ideal for all Peru beginners, Peru lovers, and anyone who just wants to drift into a daydream of a magical land. But beware: Peru is addictive.

- Gregor,

I am a huge travel guide fan. Most conventional travel guides, however, offer information and insider tips in a mostly dry and generic way. With its beautiful layout and countless stunning pictures, ``ALL ACROSS PERU`` instead invites you to browse and anticipate. I particularly like the many insider tips from locals and expats -- they allow you to plunge directly into the deep end of everyday life, so to speak.

- Ariane,

The travel guide ``ALL ACROSS PERU`` offers detailed information and tips for those interested in Peru. From travel preparation, the best travel time, and great route suggestions for great city and trekking tips. You’ll find out everything you need to know about Peru! This book is your optimal preparation for your trip to Peru. Hit the ground running!

- Martin & Caro,

WOW, just WOW! Anne and Nora have outdone themselves with this guide! Delightfully prepared, it captivates your mind with insider knowledge and attention to detail about one of the most beautiful countries in South America. It’s an absolute must-read for aspiring Peru-Noobs and more experienced backpackers alike. I was particularly impressed by the detailed tour descriptions and the tips from the locals.

- Daniel,
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The E-Book

What’s in it for you:

✓ 444-page PDF
for your iPad, tablet, or PC
✓ Access to the Facebook community
(exclusive Peru group)


Bonus material to print:
✓ Packing checklist
✓ Peru map for route planning
✓ Culinary guide
✓ Lifetime free updates


Always up-to-date for the next trip to Peru

About the Authors

Hi, I’m Nora!

Travel writer. Photographer and Blogger.

On my blog Info-Peru, I write about travelling in Peru and I help people to realize their dream of travelling in Peru.


I’ve worked with local travel agencies in Cusco for over two years and have travelled across Peru many times. I know the ropes of tourism very well and can, therefore, provide you with information that you won’t find anywhere else.


Together with the Trade Office Peru, I held a lecture on Northern Peru in the Museum of Ethnology in Hamburg, where I was able to inspire many people for the unique North.


All in all, I look back on 7 years of Peru – a time I would not want to miss. But that was just the beginning. What do you think, how much can a trip to Peru fill you with inspiration?

It’s been 7 years since I first boarded the plane to Lima.


Between now and 7 years ago lie countless miles in rickety minibuses, surfing (with liters of swallowed salt water), hiking through the Sacred Valley around Cusco, plate-sized, colourful butterflies and pink dolphins in the Amazon, nights in hammocks on freighter ships, at bus stations, and airports, many tears of joy and just as many tearful farewells. Peru grabbed me from the beginning. The landscapes, the people, the music, the mentality. I lived in Huanchaco, a small surfing village in northern Peru, for 2 years. It’s there that I adopted a street dog, that travels with me now through Europe in a camper van.


On my blog Going Vagabond, I write not only about my travels to Peru, but also about my travels throughout the rest of the world.

Hola, I’m Anne.

Travel blogger and graphic designer.

Hola, I’m Abigail.

Travel author for ALL ACROSS PERU.

The travel bug first hit me at the ripe old age of 13 when I set off on my first solo trip to India for 6 months as an exchange student. Since then, I’ve been jet-setting around the world discovering incredible cities, dramatic sites, the most amazing people and of course, delicious FOOD!


I love to travel, but more than anything, I love to learn how the locals live. I love to visit off-the-beaten path places and invite myself over to tea (or in Peru, chicha!) with strangers. You’ll often find me meandering up and down the back streets of a new town and stopping at stalls to try the local delicacies (i.e.: street food).


I first visited Peru in 2009 and instantly fell in love. It took a few years, but in 2017, I finally made it back and am currently living in Lima with my husband and son and loving every moment in this beautiful country. I hope that through ALL ACROSS PERU, you can join in our love of Peru! Come visit me soon!

Our Locals

Over 20 real locals and other Peru experts share their insider tips with you. Be inspired and experience Peru like a real local!

Tips from Expat Martina - Chachapoyas

Martina has been living with her husband and two sons in the city of Chachapoyas for more than a year. The city ``captured`` her on first sight. Martina uses her free time to discover the many archaeological and natural attractions in the region together with her family.

Tips from Local Diego - Cusco

Hi, I'm Diego, born and bred cusqueño and very proud of it. I am a photographer and earn my money mainly with wedding, hotel, or fashion photography. In my free time, I prefer to take pictures of landscapes, the night sky, and life in the countryside.

Tips from Local Jorge - Trujillo

Hi, my name is Jorge and I'm from Trujillo. I live in Lima now, but it always pulls me back to my hometown. I'll tell you what you can see and experience in Trujillo and the surrounding area!

Tips from Local Erika - Puno

Hello, my dears! My name is Erika and I'm from Cusco. I dance ``Saya`` (traditional Peruvian dance) every year at the Candelaria in Puno, so I know the city of Puno and Lake Titicaca very well!

Any Questions?

We’ll answer most of your questions about ALL ACROSS PERU in our FAQs.


Individual travellers will make the most of our travel guide because we pay a lot of attention to „independent travel planning“. However, ALL ACROSS PERU is interesting for anyone who wants to get amped about Peru and is looking for additional tips and inspiration on free days.


ALL ACROSS PERU shows you how to travel through Peru spontaneously, but also with a concrete plan. Our planning tools will help you book your trip completely independently, without resorting to the services of a travel agency. If you want to book on-site tours, such as the Inca Trail, Salkantay, or Lares Trek, we’ll tell you reliable agencies. Our travel guide also motivates solo travellers to take this step because we show you exactly what to look out for once you get there.


For all you rental car friends: We don’t have any experience with car hire in Peru. With the update to the 2nd edition of the travel guide, however, we now have a helpful report from our ALL ACROSS PERU community, including route and mileage. You can also plan your round trip by car using our other itineraries and city guides.

What’s included in the e-book?

✓ 444-page PDF in a sleek design
✓ Tons of colour photos
✓ An inspiring introduction to the country
✓ Step-by-step travel planning (before and during the trip)
✓ Itineraries with highlights and transport descriptions
✓ City guides to the most beautiful cities & excursions
✓ 20 locals and expats with insider tips
✓ Trekking guide with the most beautiful treks
✓ Tips on where to book tours



✓ PDF: Map of Peru to outline your itinerary
✓ PDF: Packing list to check off
✓ PDF: Culinary Guide
✓ Access to the exclusive Facebook community (Peru group on Facebook, where we will answer your questions even after purchasing the e-book)

With which devices can I read ALL ACROSS PERU?

ALL ACROSS PERU includes our e-book in PDF format. It reads best on an iPad, tablet, or computer. You can open it with Acrobat Reader or iBooks. The bookmark feature is very handy, it allows you to quickly move from one chapter to another. An online solution is Dropbox or Google Drive, where you can upload the PDF and access it from anywhere. Of course, you can also open and read the PDF with your smartphone.

What distinguishes ALL ACROSS PERU from a classic travel guide?

ALL ACROSS PERU is based on our experience of 7 years living, working, and travelling in Peru. We write in an honest and easy tone because we want to get our readers excited for Peru and its culture. You wouldn’t read a classic travel guide in one go, but you can „devour“ ALL ACROSS PERU in just a few days, and you’ll have all the important information you need to know about your journey. Our e-book comes in a beautiful design with countless colour photos and travel quotes, which classic guides rarely show, if at all. The aim is to get you excited about your journey, today! In contrast to the classic travel guide, ALL ACROSS PERU is practical, there are many helpful checklists and planning tools, as well as access to the exclusive Facebook community where we can answer your questions together.

Will there be any product updates?

Yes, there will! Product updates will be released on a regular basis, and they will be free for you! After your purchase, you will be notified by email about new editions and general revisions, and will have access to the new version of the product!

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