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2019 Must-See Sites in Peru

2018 is quickly coming to a close and it was an exciting year for Peru. Peru made its first World Cup appearance in over 30 years. It hosted the Summit of the Americas, bringing together leaders from most countries in the Americas. And, travel-wise, Peru welcomed an astounding 4.4 million visitors, a new record for Peru!


If you weren’t one of the 4.4 million who were lucky enough to travel to Peru this year, you need to put Peru on your 2019 travel list. But, in 2019, let’s broaden our view of Peru – it’s so much more than Machu Picchu (which you still have to see!). Here we’ll give you our list of the Top 5 places to visit in Peru in 2019.

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Top Sites to See in Peru in 2019:


1. Kuelap:

Quickly becoming known as the “Second Machu Picchu,” Kuelap is a place you want to visit as soon as possible, as its popularity is beginning to soar and we predict it will become a major tourist site in Peru in just a few years.


Kuelap is a Pre-Inca fortress, built by the Chachapoyas people 600-900 years before Machu Picchu. Located in Northern Peru, in the cloud forests above the start of the Amazon rainforest, it is an unforgettable experience in itself to arrive at Kuelap. But, thanks to a new cable car installed in 2017, the journey now can be completed in a day, rather than the 2 month journey it took just 30 years ago.


Kuelap Fortress

The Kuelap fortress is impressive and awe-inspiring, and being one of the few tourists around is a reason to visit this site sooner rather than later.


2. Gocta Waterfall

Gocta Waterfall is another site in Peru that has in the past often been overlooked. But, if you’re already visiting Kuelap, a visit to the nearby Gocta Waterfalls can’t be missed. At over 2,529 feet/771 meters high, it ranks in the top 20 tallest waterfalls in the world.


The waterfall is stunning and, as of this writing, there are few places to stay, but luckily, the main option available, the Gocta Lodge, will provide you with a luxurious retreat from which to enjoy the views of Gocta and the incredible Peruvian hospitality.


Gocta Lodge pool

You won’t soon forget the absolutely stunning views from Gocta Lodge.


3. Colca Canyon

Imagine standing on the edge of a canyon deeper than the Grand Canyon in the US, with the  world’s largest flying bird, the Andean Condor, soaring through the air below you. This is Colca Canyon and it’s one of those places you’ll have to see to believe.


It’s located a few hours from Arequipa, another city in Peru that you should definitely visit. And while you can do a full-day trip to see Colca Canyon, we recommend a stay in one of the small cities located at the bottom of the canyon. You’ll have to hike to get there, but the experience will likely be the highlight of your time in Peru.


Colca Canyon Peru

There are so many gems to be found in and around Colca Canyon – You could spend most of 2019 just exploring this place!


4. Máncora

We predict that tourism to the North of Peru is going to flourish in 2019 and so, our next recommendation is back to the North, this time to the sleepy, coastal town of Máncora. If you’re looking for sandy beaches, blue skies and eternal spring weather, Mancora is your kind of town.


Máncora is a great location for a relaxing get-away and you can enjoy good food and great surfing year-round. There’s also even the chance to see Humpback whales as they migrate by from July to October!


We recommend a visit to Punta Sal, a beach about 30 minutes north of Máncora – The beach here is perfect for swimming!


Beach scence

Mancora is small enough to be easily walk-able but still provides plenty of options for food and fun.


Kichic Hotel

We most recently stayed at Kichic hotel and loved every moment!


5. Machu Picchu:

And yes, no matter what, you still need to visit Machu Picchu this year and every year. This wonder of the world will leave you breathless (and not just from the altitude!).


Check out our blog post about Machu Picchu to help you plan the perfect expedition to this incredible site: 10 Steps to Machu Picchu.


Machu Picchu view

Even though it’s popular and well-known, Machu Picchu is and continues to be the must-see site in Peru.


There are new sites being uncovered in Peru to this day, so while this is our list for 2019, we know that you’ll want to keep coming back, year after year, to discover more of Peru!

You can find more travel inspirations, excursion destinations, routes, and planning tips for your Peru trip in our individual travel guide ALL ACROSS PERU!


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