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5 Reasons to do a Home-Stay in Peru

Why choose a Home-Stay?


A home-stay during your trip to Peru is a great option for so many reasons. In case you are not totally familiar with what a home stay is, it is typically a local family who has an extra bedroom or house and they welcome guests to stay with them and experience their daily life. Rather than staying in a hotel, a home stay is a great option, not only for accommodations, but for an unforgettable experience on your trip.


Below, we’ll give you 5 great reasons to book a home-stay.

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5 Reasons to do a Home-Stay:

1. Authentic experience: While it is important to see the typical tourist sites in Peru, most of us long for more. We want to understand how the locals live and get a glimpse into the daily life of someone who lives here. A home stay is the best way to do this. Staying for a day/night with a local family gives you insight into their lives that would otherwise be impossible.


Family walking by Lake Titicaca

Our host family at Lake Titicaca


2. Travel responsibly: Hotels and other stays are often exploitative of their people – paying the minimum wages and with hours and work requirements that would make you dizzy. But, a homestay is usually organized family by family and you can directly see who your money is going to. While travel agencies may take a cut of the amount, many of them will contract with a family directly – Don’t be afraid to ask your tour agency about this. We went with Go Get Peru and the owner himself, Juan Carlos, set up a social project and designed and built the home stay houses that you stay in. The family and him together built the house, he trained them in how to be good hosts for tourists and set them up on AirBnB. It’s a win-win for everyone – He gets to bring his guests to this awesome local home-stay and the family gets income from the stay.


Houses with lake view

One set of Go Get Peru’s home-stay projects – The red ones are the bathrooms and the gray stone is your bedroom. Check out that view!


3. Cheap! While money shouldn’t be your only factor in this, it is usually cheaper to stay in a home-stay than anywhere else. The stay usually includes all your meals and activities.


Sheep Lake Titicaca

Our afternoon activities at Lake Titicaca included this beautiful walk to find and bring home the sheep.


4. Access to more remote sites: There are so many remote and little known sites in Peru that are hard to get to. These sites often do not have traditional accommodations nearby and so, a home stay can be a great option. For example, on our trip with Go Get Peru, we visited Huchuy Qosco, an Inca site near Lamay in the Sacred Valley. We hiked up to a home stay a few minutes away from the site, spent the night and were the first people at the site in the morning.

Huchuy Qosco hike

The route to our home-stay was about as remote as you can get.


Huchuy Qosco Home Stay

The view of Huchuy Qosco from our home-stay. Traditionally, it’s a 4-6 hour hike straight up from Lamay.


5. FUN! Finally, the home stay experience is just plain FUN! It’s a form of glamping (glamorous camping). You get a real bed, usually running water and flushing toilets and someone who cooks and cleans for you. At both of the home-stays we did, they dressed us up in traditional wear and taught us a local dance with lots of laughing (WITH us, not AT us, I’m sure!). They took us to take care of farm animals which is always a blast and we were able to spend hours just relaxing, away from the hustle and bustle of anything.


Dancing Lake Piuray

Learning to dance in traditional dress.


Woman sleeping Lake Titicaca

Relaxing is always a welcome activity at a home-stay!


Your home-stay will be an incredible experience that you will be talking about for years. We’d love to hear about your experience – share your recommendations in the comments below!


*We receive no compensation from Go Get Peru for promoting their home-stay. There are many agencies you can use to do this – We just had an awesome experience with Go Get Peru and know you will too!

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