Ten Must-Have Apps for Traveling in Peru

So, you’ve booked your flight to Peru, bought your Machu Picchu tickets and you’re all ready to go?? Have you packed your bags? If not, this blog can help you with that. The last step is to make sure your phone is ready to go too. Below you’ll find our list of the Top Ten must-have apps for your travels in Peru!

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Top Ten Apps for your Travels in Peru


#1 Google Maps: You’ll for sure want an app with maps that can provide directions. Though there are many options, we use Google Maps the most.  Make sure to download offline maps for the areas of Peru you’ll be visiting.


Google Maps App Peru

A must-have app for exploring Peru’s amazing cities!


#2 Expense tracking app: Staying on top of your expenses will ensure you’re able to keep traveling. Again, there are many, many apps for this. We use Trabee and it’s a great app if you’re visiting multiple countries because you can track expenses in any currency. We loved how easy it was to log an expense – just a couple clicks and you’re done. You can also export to Excel for easy reporting later.

Tip: It’s also great for quick conversion rates – just enter the amount in Peruvian Soles (or whatever currency you’re using at the time) and it will show you immediately the current conversion to your home currency. You can also use an app like XE currency to get conversion rates but we found it easier to use just the one app, like Trabee.


#3: Taxi App: We highly recommend downloading some sort of Taxi app. Unlike some countries, we’ve found the rates through a taxi app to be quite a bit cheaper than what you can get hailing a traditional cab. And with options to share your ride and request help if needed, you can sit back and enjoy your ride, rather than worrying.


In Peru, Uber and Cabify are the two biggest taxi apps though there are others. Easy Taxi was found in some of the smaller areas.


Tip: While safer than regular taxis, there are a few things you can do to help ensure your safety. Always make sure that the license plate matches the number listed in the app. Also, don’t respond to messages asking where you are going – The app will tell the driver that.


Uber App Peru

An added bonus of using a taxi app is that you can make sure beforehand that you’re heading to the right spot!


#4: TripIt: This is a great app for keeping track of all your travel plans and itineraries. You can forward your travel confirmation emails to the app and it will pull all the relevant data in to update your trip. It can track flights, hotels, trains, car rentals and reservations (such as restaurants or shows).  

Tip: It also has a spot to store your Travel documents data which can really help if you’re filling out paperwork frequently that requires your passport information.


#5: Google Translate: Even though I’ve lived here for 2 years, I still use Google Translate on a daily basis. Make sure to download the Spanish dictionary so it’s available for offline use.


Tip: Try out the “Camera” feature – It will translate text in real time!


google translate camera app

Using the app, just point the camera at the text you want to translate and watch the magic happen!


#6: Trip Advisor: Looking for a good place to eat? Fast wifi? Great coffee?  Reviews of tour companies? TripAdvisor is the go-to site for travel reviews. It’s a great way to quickly find options for food or activities. You can also download city guides (unfortunately, most everything else will require an internet connection).


#7: Whatsapp: The go-to messaging system in Peru (and most of the world). I went over a year in Peru without a local number and used Whatsapp exclusively with great success.


#8: Airline apps: Many airlines offer free in-flight entertainment but only if you have their app downloaded. For domestic flights, Avianca and Latam offer this service. Download the app before you head to the airport!


#9: Food delivery Apps: If you’ll spend any amount of time in Lima and some of the bigger cities in Peru,  you may want to download some of the many food delivery apps for easy meals and grocery delivery. After a long day of traveling, it’s sometimes nice to have a meal delivered rather than venturing out. The biggest apps currently are UberEats, Glovo and Rappi.


Rappi Peru Moto

You’ll see these delivery motos everywhere in Lima (and increasingly in other big cities).


#10 DuoLingoThere’s no better time to brush up on your Spanish than while traveling through a Spanish speaking nation. And DuoLingo makes it fun!


You’re all set to go! Oh, but don’t forget to update your Instagram often, so we can all follow your travels!

You can find more travel inspirations, excursion destinations, routes, and planning tips for your Peru trip in our individual travel guide ALL ACROSS PERU!


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